Digital diagnostics - Pirovic private dental practice, Sarajevo

Information technology in dentistry

Our surgery is fully covered by a computer network, and every workplace has its own IT workstation. This setup allows quick access to all data needed for high quality work. Patient records, RVG images, intraoral video footage and images, and panoramic (OPG) images are some of the data to which we have constant access. Although internet connectivity allows us to consult quickly with specialists, all data is protected to ensure your privacy.

Digital diagnostics 

RVG (radiovisiography) is the digital imaging of teeth using 90% less radiation than traditional RTG imaging. It provides instantaneous image analysis and precise digital diagnostics. Our computer program accurately measures the length of root canals, and enables their detailed analysis.

OPG (orthopantomogram – panoramic image) is the digital imaging of the upper and lower jaw, the overall dental status, and the bone structure of the face. It enables us to make a fast and precise diagnosis, advancing the quality of our work and improving our communication with patients and colleagues.

OPG images provide outstanding quality, clean, and optimally exposed images in just a few seconds.

The dentist receives a simple analysis, along with numerous additional tools for processing the radiological image.

Intraoral camera

The intraoral camera is connected to a monitor, which shows the image of the entire oral cavity or specific tooth tens of times larger, giving the patient a direct insight into their condition. It is our most accurate visual aid, and files are stored in our computer system, allowing us to observe a patient’s condition before and after treatment. This gives us valuable insight into the process and results of the therapy.

Our dental laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and we are especially proud to offer our patients the option of zirconium ceramic crowns, made on our CAD-CAM system.

We have an experienced team of dental technicians who create high quality mobile and fixed prostheses.

Our patients participate actively in the development of their own prostheses; their suggestions and wishes in terms of the colour, size and shape of the teeth, and the overall aesthetic impression, can be discussed with their dentist and communicated to the technician.

Along with our high quality service and friendly staff, our teamwork is one of the main features of our clinic, and one that we place particular emphasis on.