Dental technical laboratory - Pirovic private dental practice, Sarajevo

Our dental technical laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. We are especially proud to offer our patients the option of zirconia crowns created on our CAD/CAM system.

The use of computers in the manufacture of prosthetics ensures that patients receive quality and aesthetic standards they recognise and expect.


CAD/CAM technologies play an important role in contemporary dentistry, as they can create prosthetic solutions from modern materials, such as zirconia and new ceramic products. The precision of this system allows for the perfect placement of teeth alongside each other.

The patient’s ground tooth is used as a base for the construction of the prosthesis.

Our computer program visualises teeth in both dental arches, providing a 3D model on which crowns and temporary bridges can be designed.

CAD/CAM technologies provide a special way of processing ceramic and zirconia blocks. Our laboratory uses blocks of the highest quality ceramic currently available on the market. These blocks have abrasive properties similar to dental enamel, so can be polished immediately after grinding. They are available in a wide range of colours and sizes ensuring a natural look, and require minimal polishing.

All materials used are biocompatible, clinically tested, and long-lasting.