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Combined Prosthetics

As the name suggests, this category of prostheses is a combination of fixed and mobile prosthetics to replace lost teeth.

It is used in cases where there is not enough tooth in the lateral region, or where remaining teeth are not of sufficient quality to make a bridge, and the conditions or patient’s wishes do not allow for implants. In these situations, crowns or bridges are made on the remaining teeth, and the gaps are filled with partial mobile prostheses.

In order to achieve maximum quality, vironit/visil prostheses are used.

The main reason for this is to reduce the surface to which the prosthesis is attached, while distributing pressure created by chewing to the jawbone rather than to the other teeth. This helps prolong the life of the remaining teeth and their supporting structures (the gums and jawbone).

Since the skeletal prosthesis has a metal base, the surrounding teeth must be protected by the crowns and bridges, which have a special dentition for the prosthesis on their flat or tongue sides. In this way, a stable and comfortable functional prosthesis is created.

Attachments are used in the production of combined prostheses. These attachments are polyvalent and precise, and join fixed and mobile prostheses. They consist of two basic parts, one of which is embedded in the fixed element and the other in the mobile one. This creates a functional unit, providing maximum denture stability and even distribution of chewing pressure, as well as meeting aesthetic requirements.

Because of their high quality, combined prostheses are an ideal option where other methods have been excluded.