Aesthetic Dentistry - Pirovic private dental practice, Sarajevo

Teeth whitening

Using an LED cold polymerisation lamp in combination with bleaching gel, we can whiten your teeth to the shade you desire.

Tooth jewellery

We can affix crystals of various colours and shapes to the surface of your tooth in a completely non-invasive and painless procedure, without the need for grinding. Your tooth jewellery can stay attached for up to a few years, but is easily removed or changed without leaving a trace. Tooth jewellery is usually applied to the upper front teeth (2, 3), and the process is usually completed in 15 minutes.

Ultrasonic removal of calculus and other deposits

This is a completely non-invasive and painless technique for the removal of hard deposits and stubborn pigmentation that cannot be removed by brushing. Such deposits are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can infect the soft tissue of the oral cavity. Regular cleaning of these deposits helps our patients avoid the development of periodontal diseases.

Air-flow polishing

Air-flow polishing of teeth eliminates all kinds of pigmentation (staining) and deposits. Results are particularly visible on teeth stained by nicotine, carbonated drinks, and coloured toothpaste. This technique is particularly effective in patients with embedded crowns and bridges.